DECODED: Voodoo Vizion Board Kit

COURSE OPEN NOW! Voodoo Vizion Board Kit Pic BUY NOW or Access it w/all courses & member perks as a VIP or Platinum Member! Schedule a call to apply for a Platinum Partnership! DECODED: VOODOO VIZION BOARD KIT™ comes with an informative intro video that explains how the psyche, spirit, & biological energy should be combined & used with specific practices to create & manifest successfully. Following intro there are 4 Lessons that include:
  • 4 Lesson Videos
  • Demonstrations
  • 2 Bonus Worksheets,
& a 54 page pdf download booklet. See "Materials" tab.....

There isn't any other course out there like this one. You'll get unstuck. You'll know what it takes to develop the ideas in your mind & heart. The way the creative process works will become apparent to you after this course. Whether you want to start a side hustle or launch your big business online - or - create better relationships, you'll learn just what you need to do. Taking this course is designed to raise your frequency & reinstate you into the creative being you were born to be.

1: The Voodou

2. Plan & Prepare

⇒ Bonus Section - Worksheets / DECODED

3. The Voodoo Vizion Board

4. Manifestation & Attraction

  Here's what you'll need....

  1. Diary, notebook, journal or digital device.
  2. Privacy, peace, quiet, and an "all about you zone."
  3. An open, relaxed, judgement free mind and spirit.
  4. 1 Large cork board, magazines, or other ways to collect & print images.
  5. Glue, scissors, tape, pins, personal favorites or keepsakes for board.
  6. A decent internet connection ⇒ This should have been first!

Let's go create an effective Voodoo Vizion Board that works! Prerequisite Recommendation: The Street Ph.D Book & Audio Combo for empaths & creators.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Modules
  • 1 PDF File
  • 2 Worksheets