By now you know that not having a website will cause you to miss out on massive opportunities to promote your interests.

Some people think they don't need a website because they can use social media accounts to find an audience and sell products and services? 

That's true, but it's also true that......

Our social media accounts do not "technically" belong to us.

Facebook and Instagram belongs to Mark Zuckerberg's and his stockholders.

YouTube belongs to Google. Don't get me wrong, your social media accounts are crucial to any success you plan to have online, but because the accounts are not "rightfully" the users, we have to go out and purchase your own virtual "real estate." 

There was a guy a few years ago who was making millions of dollars selling latex pillows. He got caught up in a public dispute over his political views and within a day all of his online shops that were on social media were taken down.

He learned the hard way how important having a website is for every person in the new millennium.  Last year we saw so many accounts get suspended and many were permanently suspended without any recourse. 

Share the wrong thing, say or sell the wrong thing - and in an instant everything you worked for can be gone! Poof! In this course, we'll teach you how to build your own website, but not only that.

You'll learn all the software and applications that work independently but seamlessly together to put your merchandise, services, or other forms of business transactions on automation - and the software setup will work on its own, even while you're asleep - to gain and make sales on your behalf.

The products we use will build a website that is New World Order and censorship FREE.

You're free to do whatever it is you want (within the law of course) with your own website - and it's not hard. 

You'll learn to leverage landing pages, funnels,CRMs, automation, auto-responders, emails and so much more  - step by step, and before you know it you'll launch your own website.

Tech Tools for the Tech-Less Self-Starter

Launch Your Wordpress Website is a group of modules within our digital instructional kit that teach creatives the best software & applications to automate & leverage sales of products & services on the internet. Access is granted to Platinum Partners or designated to members & clients for special use. Visit this Page to Learn more about our Platinum Partnerships: If you're ready to start now and launch online book a Platinum call here.

You will need,

  • a strong desire to own and run your own website
  • a strong internet, computer and a mobile phone
  • a quiet place to work
  • a determination to get this done
  • to be your own boss
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Course Includes

  • 17 Modules
  • 18 PDF Files