Surviving the Matrix – Lecture Series


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1: STM Video 1 - 4 hours of deep rabbit hole research

2. STM Video 2 - 2 hours of deep rabbit hole research

3. STM Video 3 - Survival Skills: Farming, Communication, & more.

4. 6 Software & Applications to leverage any business idea & make money on automatic.

Real Talk & Research for Truth Seeking Creatives.

STM is part of our Pandemic Series - this kit includes all Replays of our Private Live Stream Presentations & Lectures. 

We discuss and compare information we discovered during the 2020 pandemic & outline in detail where the world is likely heading now & or in the very near future.

In our private stream lectures I use a combination of slides, videos, pdfs & various media tools that contain information that's not easy to find. We develop our own sensible theories that encourage us to make informed life decisions as we move into the next phase of our world economy and technological culture. 

If you joined us on our last private Live Stream Lecture, then you know I bring information & revelation from deep down in the rabbit hole for scholarly, theological, curious, free thinking minds who want to know, so I'll see you inside! 

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Welcome to Surviving the Matrix Lecture & Presentation Series

Follow the series in the numbered order. All 3 parts have been split into 2 parts for processing and uploading ease, since all lectures exceed 1 hour in length. This will be a rabbit hole journey for truthers, curious minds, and those of us who just are fascinated with the increase of deep, dark information in this Age of Aquarius.

There’s enough information presented in this lecture to start digging your own rabbit hole, to confirm or debunk what you learn, or to dig deeper and find more. If you find something interesting that I didn’t discuss or perhaps want to send in a correction, be sure to reach out to me via email and share it! See you inside.

NOTE: Download the pdfs attached to reference information I discuss in the lectures. I will be uploading more documents in the future. The main Document “STM Lecture Series Greeting” may be updated with new information added periodically. You won’t know it unless you open it and scroll to the bottom. If you see changes, delete the old one and download the updated one.

Here's what you'll need....

  1. Diary, notebook, journal or digital note taking device.
  2. Privacy, peace, quiet, and an "all about you zone."
  3. An open, relaxed, judgement free mind and spirit.
  4. Like-minded Family members & friends to debate & learn with you.
  5. A decent internet connection ⇒ This should have been first! 

Let's go sort through this matrix! 

Recommendation: The Street Ph.D Book & Audio Combo for empaths & creators.

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SURVIVING THE MATRIX 1: The Pandemic - A Closer Look At The Events of 2020 / Spiritual Warfare Prophecy

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SURVIVING THE MATRIX 2: WEC & A New World Order - What Would this New World Look Like?
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SURVIVING THE MATRIX 3: Preparation for the NWO - Indoor Farming, Communication, Tiny Homes, Homesteading & More...
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